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Be My Home

"Beautiful, meditative... Be My Home felt like a glimpse into some private room, and we were well-rewarded for our curiosity." Review by Ka Bradley, Resolution 2016.

"Be My Home takes 20 minutes to perform and in its simplicity gains a timeless quality that extends beyond the prescribed limit for the performance" Review by Nicholas Minns, Resolution 2016.



Be My Home is an intimate solo performance inspired by poetic images and metaphors of the houses we live in. Exploring the notion    and meaning of home it reflects on the   primary human need to inhabit places and seek other kind of shelters.


      'A home attached to a body

      A body inside a home

      The echoes of a past home

      The dream of a future home,

      A journey in search of a lost home

      My body,

      A home for what I am, what I have been and what I will be..

      My body,

      My lifelong home..'



Choreography/Performance: Konstantina Skalionta Artist/Maker: Laura Elias

Music: Peter Broderick, Floating/Sinking published by Erased    Tapes Ltd.

Rehearsal Assistant: Ivana Radjenovic

Photos: Jonathon Vines

Premiered at Resolution 2016, The Place Theatre, London.

Performed at Fiver Fridays (Chisenhale Dance Space) and the Blue Cloud Scratch (Blue Elephant Theatre), No_body Festival of Dance and Performing Arts (Dance House Nicosia.


By My Home - Trailer 1:17

By My Home - Trailer 1:17

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