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"Sensual, intimate, honest, beautiful and fluid"

Review by Sara Tosic, 15th Contemporary Dance Platform


A mother's body: prison or home?


In the Likeness of.. is a female duet that expores the dynamics of the mother and daughter relationship and how critical it can be in the forming of a woman's own psychology and relationship with herself. As they attempt to seek their own individuality will they break away from each other or will they remain connected with an invincible cord? Can their detachment be redemptive? The performance celebrates the endurance of this relationship.


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Choreography: Konstantina Skalionta

Performance: Typhaine Delaup, Dominique Vannod, Konstantina Skalionta

Costume Design/ Visuals: Bea Bonafini

Music: Irma Vastakaite

Photos: Suzanna Phialas

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Resolution! 2015, The Place Theatre, London

15th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform, Rialto Theatre, Cyprus (March 2015)

7th Dance, Movement and Performance Art festival: No_Body, at the Dance House Lefkosia, Cyprus (November 2015)

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Commisioned by Cultural Services of Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus

Sponsored by BestLife Co., Krypto Security.


"A compassionate observation of the complex relationship between mother and daughter" Nicholas Minns, Writing about dance


"A duet that explores the bond between mother and daughter, in which a voluminous skirt becomes both womb and cage, and the dancers veer between territorial spats and a tender mirroring of each other’s moves.' Judith Mackrell, The Guardian


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