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Land(e)scape is a solo gallery / studio based performance that invites you, the audience member, to share a journey through different mindscapes and emotions. You will be invited to close your eyes, lie down, reposition or walk in the space in order to experience parts of the performance. You are free to decide to which extent you would like to follow these directions. At the end of the performance, you are invited to draw or write about your experience and explore drawings made by the performer.

Land(e)scape  uses movement, text, sound and the relationship between performer and audience, to tell a story of someone displaced and trapped in a foreign land, who embarks on a journey back home.  The work renders 'home' as a state of being, a feeling of belonging and being at peace with oneself; a state which is difficult to reach and requires a physical and spiritual journey in search of it. The performance draws inspiration from personal experiences, drawings and photographs of natural landscapes, the work by land artist Richard Long and Frederic Gros'  'A Philosophy of Walking'.

The performance has been developing through a series of residencies aiming at engaging different communities in the creative process. In 2018 the work developed with supported by iC4C Dance4 (Nottingham), the NN Contemporary Gallery (Northampton), the Dance House Limassol and the Egomio Cultural Centre (Cyprus) in 2018. The performance was initially supported in 2016 by the Development Lab2 programme at the Lyric Theatre (London) and C-12 Theatre, and in 2017 by the London Contemporary Dance School.  



Performance History

June 2019                   at OH Creative Space in London

February 2019            at Dance4, as part of UK Young Artists Nottingham Take Over 2019,    

December 2017         Studio based performance, as part of the MA Practice as Research at the London Contemporary Dance School

November 2016        Work in progress (duet with dancer Alice Laidler) at Emerge Festival 2016 (The Space Arts Centre)


Performance / Concept / Choreography: Konstantina Skalionta

Supervision: Lauren Potter

Dramaturgy during residency at NN Contemporary: Tia Lfoy

Photography: Despoina Patsika

Supported by: Dance4, NN Contemporary Gallery, Egomio Cultural Centre, Dance House Lemesos.