A taste of my work

Please watch the following short trailers as you would read a draft of a research thesis. In the direction of making the audience, nucleus of my work, Land(e)scape began on stage only to transform itself into an audience focused performance able to adjust to other settings. The participants close their eyes, walk around me and set a different stage. The distance between performer and receiver collapses.

The two trailers demonstrate in which way my creative practice has shifted between 2016 and 2017.

'Beautiful, meditative...Be My Home felt like a glimpse into some private room, and we were well-rewarded for our curiosity'

Ka Bradley, Resolution 2016

'Be My Home takes 20 minutes to perform and in its simplicity gains a timeless quality that extends beyond the prescribed limit for the performance'

Nicholas Minns, Resolution 2016

Anonymous feedback received by audience members who experienced Land(e)scape (2017):

'A catharctic experience.'

'Intense, atmospheric, surprising.'

'Meditative, calm, inviting.'

'A moving performance.'