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A multidisciplinary project bringing in collaboration choreographer/ performer Konstantina Skalionta with musician Dimitris Savva, film maker Artemis Evlogimenou and prop maker Laura Elias towards exploring ways of animating materilas to be used in the context of performance as other bodies. The project is realised as part of the Residency Program 'Moving the New' at the Dance House Limassol, in Cyprus.

Brutal Grace - short film by Charlier Round-Turner

A brutalist icon interpreted through dance and music. 

A provocative short film by Elcid Asaei with choreography by Konstantina Skalionta. The project fuses contemporary dance with narrative film, in a mythology-inspired story that explores the dehumanising effect of a material world on social, race, and gender identity, in increasingly divisive times.

Considering the 'body' as our only lifelong home, artist and maker Laura Elias and I, collaborated towards creating objects and movement that come together to embody this idea.


A performance art film about the complex relationship between two women connected for life, based on Red Duo performance.

Red Duo

Improvised site-specific performance in collaboration with artist Bea Bonafini

You see, I...

A gallery performance in collaboration with fine artist Yvonne Feng.


 This interactive performance uses Kinect and Max/MSP to present the form of aggression. 

The Encounter

Gallery Performance 

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Film by: Claudia de Rocha

Performance: Bea Bonafini, Konstantina Skalionta

Camera: Ahmed Ateyya

Edit: Shun Yin

Music John Garcia Rueda

Director: Young Eun Kim

Choreography/ Performance: Konstantina Skalionta

Performance Coordinator: Maria Christofi

Camera: Maria Christofi, Patrick Hoelscher, Sula Jung, Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

Music: George Crumb 'Black Angels'

Special Thanks to Biggles Riddle, Nicolas Marechel



Artists: Paola de Ramos and Bea Bonafini

Performers: Konstantina Skalionta and Domenique Vannod

Concept /camera/editing: Charlie Round-Turner (

Music: Phil Best (

Dancer: Ivana Radjenovic (

Movement director/dancer: Konstantina Skalionta

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