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"I perceive the performance space as a white canvas and the art of choreography as a unique tool, my paintbrush with which I can ‘paint’ upon the canvas , transform it and enliven it.. 


Although I draw themes from personal experiences or real events and my reactions towards them, as a human being woven in a community, I consciously create my work in an attempt to explore human politics and social relationships. I am attracted to philosophical matters, to concepts such as phenomenology, emotion, cognition and the unconscious mind.  


My creative process consists of research of passages, free writing, improvising, experimenting with movement and working through photography and installations with objects. In this way, I create a dialogue between those mediums and within the performers which resonates in the final work. My performances often narrate personal stories, they allow the viewer to enter my own personal experiences. I often feel as if I am standing emotionally naked in front of the audience. I reveal myself through the divine movement of dancing that cannot be separated by the dancer like other forms of art …


Through my work, I revisit personal experiences, I relive real moments, I re-enter deep emotions. It is a process which enables me to develop a better understanding of the human nature and of who I am. Through my performances I finally manage to detach myself from past experiences, to let go of unaccomplished dreams, to leave my ‘old’ self behind and provide the audience with the opportunity to do the same.I prefer projecting ‘people’ on stage rather than skilled dancers,  as I aspire to  make the audience  immerse into the movement and  make connections drawn from their own conscious and subconscious depths.. I am interested in creating experiences for both the audience and the performers which will involve, engage and intrigue them.. 


I am fascinated by site specific performances, where the architecture of the space is embraced, and the audience-performer relationship is challenged and strengthened.  Being a great admirer of the visual arts, I seek collaborations with different artists in order to make work that is a further dialogue between art and dance. Performance and installation art also appeal to me. I admire the work of artists such as Marina Abramovic and choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Dimitris Papaioannou, Wim Vandekeybus and Rosemary Lee."

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