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Beauty - Fool

"The more you go after beauty, the more it digs into your skin like a thorn. A thorn which stings you with the fear that the word cannot take the real 'you'. That one, must suffer to be beautiful, but one only succeeds in being 'beauty-fool'..You are only liberated when you realise the real beauty lies inside you.."

Beauty-fool reflects on woman's vulnerability towards body image concerns, her struggle to keep up with unrealistic standarts of beauty and perfection. She constantly battles with the media's projections of beauty and social expectations she struggles to meet. Why do we crave this definition of 'Beauty'? Are we really free to be 'beautiful'? Have we realised the 'Beauty Myth' has imprisoned women in their own bodies instead of celebrating them?



'There is no music in the whole piece, but it is nevertheless mesmerising. This is mainly thanks to the great talent of the choreographer who expresses the women's internal fight for attractiveness in a partly self-destructive dance routine..'

Review by Isabel Wagner (WMD2 2014).


Choreography/ Performance/Design: Konstantina Skalionta

Props: Laura Elias, Konstantina Skalionta

Participant artists: Leire Merino, Ivana Radjenovic, Rania Leontiou

Lighting Design: Leo Woolcock

Production: Lydia Fraser-Ward


Swallowsfeet Festival  2015, Market Theatre in Brighton

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform, 47/49 Tanner str. London

'Women of Mass Destruction 2' dance platform, RichMix Theatre, London.


.Lydia Fraser-Ward and the Arts Council England in 2014, to be developed for the Women of Mass Destruction 2 dance Platform (RichMix, London).

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