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The work explores the matter of happiness and in what way a community can come together in order to claim it. The work experiments with the making of an alter ego character named Maria Andreou. Maria (aka princess of Lemesos) blurs the boundaries of autobiography and fiction through a process of unpacking personal objects. This process unfolds experiences, facts, stories and questions around female identity, happiness and the environment that defines her.


Creative Team:

Choreographer / performer: Konstantina Skalionta

Performer: Maria Andreou

Dramaturg: Rodia Vomvolou

Artistic Collaborator / visual material:  Artemis Evlogimenou

Artistic Collaborator / production assistant: Marina Kakoulli.

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Moving the New Residency programme 2023, Dance House Lemesos.

Moving the New: Choreographic Lab 2022 by Dance House Lemesos

Performing Biography - the stand up solo performance practice by Lia Charaki

Concept / Direction: Konstantina Skalionta

Performance: Maria Andreou (Konstantina Skalionta)

Associate artist/ visual material: Artemis Evlogimenou

Dramaturg: Rodia Vomvolou

Associate artist / production assistant: Marina Kakoulli.


Youth Initiative Cyprus, ONEK

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Creative team

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Funded by

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Η παγωτάρισσα της καρδιάς μας

Maria Andreou, a year after claiming her own happiness outside the Castle of Lemesos, returns as an ice cream woman to bring joy by offering ice cream. Converse with her, get some ice cream and before it melts, dream the world anew!

Maria Andreou, is a thirty year old woman who although has followed the ultimate recipe of success for every woman, to get married, she hasn’t found the happiness that society promised her. Three years after her wedding, she decides to claim the happiness she was promised by moving outside the Medieval Castle of Lemesos, for 8 days and 24 hours in total to claim it from the Municipality of Lemesos (8 days Outside the Promised Castle, 19th Summer Dance Festival). After this attempt, Maria continues to unfold experiences, facts and questions around womanhood, the matter of happiness and the environment that defines her though different performative situations.


Creative Team:

Choreographer / performer: Konstantina Skalionta

Performer: Maria Andreou

Dramaturg: Rodia Vomvolou

Sponsored by: Xarkis Festival

Supported by: +AXI Festival by Synergeio Theatre

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