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Maria has been living amongst us for years. But it's only recently, she has decided to make her first public appearance; life forced her to. This summer, she is on a highly important mission. If you bump into her, do not hesitate to converse with her, she mihgt be looking for comrades, or just for some company. If you wish, come in your wedding dress. and if you don't have one borrow one, unless, you think it is too hot for dressing up!

Maria is a married woman who decides to take fate in her hands. She occupies the outside space of the Medieval Castle of Lemesos in order to claim what was promised to live "happily ever after"!!

A living on site performance for 8 days of in total 24 hours, outside the Medieval Castle of Lemesos in Cyprus, developed for the 19th Summer Dance Festival of Nea Kinisis (CY).

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Creative team

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Funded by

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Supported by

Moving the New: Choreographic Lab 2022 by Dance House Lemesos

Performing Biography - the stand up solo performance practice by Lia Charaki

Concept / Direction: Konstantina Skalionta

Performance: Maria Andreou (Konstantina Skalionta)

Associate artist/ visual material: Artemis Evlogimenou

Dramaturg: Rodia Vomvolou



19 Summer Dance Festival by Nea Kinisis

and the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.


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