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 Empty of You..

 A performance about the complexity of human relationships and the cost of separation.

'We meet. We exchange clothes. We switch roles.

We enter each other’s skin to trace old scars,

personal stories mapped on our bodies.

So, we bond...

Allured by the beauty of giving and sharing,

we will suddenly find ourselves standing

almost naked in front of each other.

We have revealed ourselves to each other.

We have taken the risk to do so…'


Performed by Dominique Vannod, Kostas Papamatthaiakis, Leire Merino, Ivana Radjenovic, Konstantina Skalionta.

Photos by Jonathon Vines


Premiered at Resolution 2014, at the Place Theatre in London

Commissioned by Surrey Arts and the Surrey Dance Collective to be developed as a site specific performance for the Surrey Dance Festival 2014 at the GLive Theatre (Guildford, UK).

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